Ozone is a cloud banking platform, which includes a fully working transactional ledger, and comes loaded with a complete set of open banking, PSD2 compatible APIs.

Ozone has the following components:

  • O3Core: Includes a slick UI for setting up test data to emulate multiple banks, branches, account types, customers, accounts and software statements. This component expedites the creation of test data through automatic generation, line-by-line input or bulk import.
  • O3 Ledger: A cloud document store which can be mapped to simulate the schema for any payment account types, for any bank//brand. This is also pre-loaded with sample sandbox data, which updates in real-time as payments are made.
  • O3OIDC: A FAPI compliant Open ID Connect provider. OIDC instances are spun up when required to eliminate the need for additional licenses.
  • O3API: A complete implementation of the Open Banking Read/Write API that works off O3 Core as a data source and O3 OIDC for access control. O3 API will be regularly updated as new versions of the API specifications are publicly released by Open Banking, other UK/EU banks, and other standards bodies globally.